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Dr. Cesar Palana is board-certified in Internal Medicine. He utilizes evidence-based knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat across the clinical spectrum from health to complex chronic medical illnesses. 

He was previously a chief medical officer and a chief medical informatics officer at an acute hospital in Los Angeles. He continues to help hospitals improve compliance by integrating departments and realigning clinical objectives. 

Dr. Palana is a certified medical director of several skilled nursing facilities in Los Angeles. He collaborates with long-term care leaders to improve patient safety, improve clinical documentation, reduce hospital re-admissions, increase awareness of de-prescribing in the geriatric population, and assist in implementing and developing various quality improvement programs, including antibiotics stewardship. 

Dr. Palana also supervises medical students and nurse practitioner students. In addition, he is a clerkship director for 3rd and 4th-year medical students and a Director of Medical Education in Los Angeles. 


Rosie Derayunan, Nurse Practitioner 


I follow and carry the values of the functional medicine model in approaching my patient’s clinical condition. It’s a patient-centered, evidence-based approach to chronic disease management that seeks to answer the question “Why are you ill?” I seek to identify and address the root cause of the disease as each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness. Every person has different needs, your treatment plan is personalized for you.

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Azusa Morimoto, Nurse Practitioner 



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